ANA buys NCA is the followup we forgot we needed.

Remember in the before time, when the most current logistics topics included the NCA fleet being grounded due to inconsistent record keeping? Despite many having forgotten, the end of the saga is at hand. ANA is going to buy NCA and absorb their fleet and staff, promising no job or benefit cuts on either side.

Prior to the acquisition, ANA and NYK Lines had already been working in conjunction with NCA. In March of 2017, NYK revealed the establishment of “ANA & JP Express” – a joint venture between itself and ANA that allowed them to operate cargo flights on NCA aircrafts. This partnership enabled both entities to gain access to the growing demand for cargo services in the Asian region, and allowed NCA to benefit from their respective customer base.

Ultimately, this partnership has enabled ANA and NYK Lines to work together in order to strengthen ANA’s presence within the aviation industry and provide more efficient services for its customers. The acquisition of NCA by ANA is just the latest move in a long relationship between the two companies, and together they are set to make NCA an even more powerful force in cargo transportation. With the combined resources of ANA and NYK Lines, NCA is poised to become a major player in Japan’s aviation industry.

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