Head east to get west!

After two years of supply chain disruption and port congestion, many shippers are looking for alternatives. Whether they want a change of journey to avoid the deepest areas of delay or the chance to create backup plans with options for more tumultuous times, even the ports are getting involved in making the process less painful for shippers. The Port of Norfolk is working to promote a corridor to the west coast for cargo that might traditionally use Los Angeles but was routed to Virginia because it’s faster to move inland than get out of the ports.

Especially for cargo coming from Europe, the pipeline from Virginia to the west coast gives shippers an option to access inland destinations faster than many other options. Bypassing overcrowded ports saves more than time; using the Port of Norfolk can save money by avoiding fees and delays from traversing the Panama Canal.

“In today’s super-challenging trade environment, shippers are seeking dependable ways to efficiently get goods to destination, and this visionary service turns tradition on its head to dependably deliver an inventive solution,” said Thomas Capozzi, chief sales and marketing officer of Virginia International Terminals LLC, the Virginia Port Authority’s private terminal-operating subsidiary.

As most pipelines have traditionally moved west to east, shuttling cargo from Asia to the east coast, the new option will help alleviate cargo congestion and expedite port operations. The options offered by the port are bolstered by several years of infrastructure investments that improved services and speed at the ocean, rail, and intermodal terminals in Virginia.

This is just one of a myriad of options for creative cargo solutions this peak season. If you’re looking for ways to expedite your cargo, avoid fees and delays, and find out how an expert logistics team can support your company, contact your Nelson International representative today.