Shopping, Shipping, and Sitting: What’s Holding Up Your Products?

As shoppers await their beloved parcels, they often complain about the amount of time it takes for certain packages to get to them. With being spoiled with Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping standards, it makes them wonder why their other packages aren’t getting here quickly enough. 

With the economic surge from stimulus checks and the threat of COVID-19 in the past years, people have been ordering more online than ever. Due to demand far outweighing the market’s capacity, companies have been struggling to keep up. But that isn’t the only thing holding up the supply chain.

Between the weather, lack of workers, available space, and rail infrastructure creating a strain on the market, there are multiple issues blocking the supply and demand routes that get the packages from the online store and into consumers’ hands. 

Weather is anyone’s game, but when it comes to a lack of workers, the trucking industry suffers greatly. Even jacking up the pay to entice new drivers to come into the industry isn’t helping. Between retail, work at home, and food industry jobs that get you home every day after a long day of work, the trucking industry can have you away for weeks at a time as you haul your cargo across the country.

The space available to store the items is another issue. When warehouses begin to fill up, this creates a bottleneck that prevents more products from coming in. Not to mention their own issues with staffing and working bodies. When it finally gets down to the grind, postal workers are blamed for the slow mail when in fact the problem began long before it was ever in their hands.

Overall, there are many places the products consumers are trying to get their hands on getting hung up in the transportation process. Is it going to change any time soon? Highly unlikely.